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Fran Florez

Fran Florez: “


”’Fran Florez”’ (born in [[Bakersfield, CA]]) is an [[United States|American]] politician and a member of the [[Democratic Party (United States)|Democratic]] party from [[California]]. She is also the mother of Democratic state sen. [[Dean Florez]], who has represented the area (which includes [[Fresno County, California|Fresno]], [[Tulare County, California|Tulare]], [[Kern County, California|Kern]] and [[Kings County, California|Kings]] counties) in the legislature since 1998.

Fran Florez, a past member and president of the [[Shafter, California|Shafter]] Chamber of Commerce, won election to the [[Shafter, California|Shafter]] city council in 1996. She has served on the council since and currently serves as mayor. Since 2002 she has also been a member of the California High Speed Rail Authority, serving as chairman in 2005. She is currently running for the 30th district in the [[California State Assembly]]. The district’s incumbent, Democrat [[Nicole Parra]], has been feuding with [[Dean Florez]] for years and subsequently endorsed Fran Florez’ Republican opponent, former assistant CHP chief Danny Gilmore.<ref name=’joincalifornia’>{{cite web | last = Vassar | first = Alex | coauthors = Shane Meyers | title = Fran Florez, Democratic | work = | date = 2007 | url = | accessdate = 2007-01-25}}</ref>


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