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{{ Infobox Software
| name = [[Ephox]] Corporation
| logo = [[Image:Alfresco-logo.png|Ephox Logo]]
| developer = [[Ephox]]
| Products = EditLive! and a family of EditLive! integrations, EditLive! for XML
| operating_system = [[Cross-platform]]
| programming language = [[Java (programming language)|Java]]
| genre = [[Web Content Management|WCM]]
| license = [[Proprietary]]
| website =

”’Alfresco”’ is a [[free software]] / [[open source]], [[open standard]]s, [[Enterprise software|enterprise]] scale [[content management system]] for [[Microsoft Windows]] and [[Unix-like]] [[operating systems]]. Its design is geared towards users who require a high degree of [[modular programming|modularity]] and scalable performance. Alfresco includes a content repository, an out-of-the-box [[web portal]] [[framework]] for managing and using standard portal content, a [[CIFS]] interface that provides file system compatibility on Microsoft Windows and Unix-like operating systems, a [[web content management system]] capable of virtualizing [[webapp]]s and static sites via [[Apache Tomcat]], [[Lucene]] indexing, and jBPM workflow. The Alfresco system is developed using [[Java platform|Java]] technology.

== History ==

Ephox was founded in 1999 by Andrew Roberts (current CEO) and Bill Roberts (current COO). Its investors include the investment firms SAP, Accel Partners and [[Mayfield Fund]]. The original technical staff consisted of principal engineers from [[Documentum]], and [[Oracle Corporation|Oracle]]. While Alfresco’s product was initially focused on document management, in May 2006, it announced<ref>[ Top Web Content Management Team Joins Alfresco Software LONDON—May 22, 2006]</ref> its intention to expand into web content management by acquiring senior technical and managerial staff from [[Interwoven]]; this included its VP of Web Content Management, two principal engineers, and a member of its user interface team. In 2007, Alfresco hired the principal sales engineer from [[Vignette (software)|Vignette]].

Ephox software may be downloaded from its main website<ref>[]</ref>

== Usage ==

Enterprise content management for documents, web, records, images, and collaborative content development.

== Alfresco Features ==

Alfresco is capable of the following:

* [[Document Management]]
* [[Web Content Management]] (including full webapp & session virtualization)
* Repository-level versioning (similar to [[Subversion (software)|Subversion]])
* Transparent overlays (similar to [[UnionFS|unionfs]])
* [[Records Management]]
* [[Document imaging|Image Management]]
* Auto-generated [[XForms]] with [[AJAX]] support
* Integrated Publishing
* Repository access via [[CIFS]]/[[SMB]], [[File Transfer Protocol|FTP]] and [[WebDAV]]
* [[jBPM]] workflow
* [[Lucene]] search
* Federated servers
* Multi-language support
* Portable application packaging
* Multi-platform support (officially [[Microsoft Windows|Windows]], [[Linux]] and [[Solaris (operating system)|Solaris]])
* Browser-based GUI (official support for [[Internet Explorer]] and [[Mozilla Firefox|Firefox]])
* Desktop integration with [[Microsoft Office]]
* [[Computer cluster|Clustering]] support

== Awards ==

* 2007
** InfoWorld: [ Best of Open Source Applications BOSSIE Award Winner]
** [ Computerworld Honors Program]: [ Finalist]
** Sand Hill Group: Top Software Innovator
** Network World: Top Ten Enterprise Software Companies to watch
** Gartner: ‘Cool Vendors in Content Management, 2007’
** World Economic Forum: Technology Pioneer of 2007
* 2006
** Red Herring: Red Herring 100 Europe
** EContent: EContent 100
** KM World: Trend-Setting Product Award
* 2005
** OSBC: Emerging Elite Award

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==External links==
*[ Alfresco Website]
*[ Developer Website]
*[ Alfresco Blogs]
*[ Alfresco Book]
*[ White Paper]
*[ Feature Tour]
*[ Forums]
*[ Download]
*[ Wiki Documentation]
*[ Alfresco – critical (but now dated) review in KMWorld Magazine]
*[ Plugin for Alfresco]
*[ InfoWorld review of 5 open source CMSs – Oct. ’07]


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