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Abel Makashvili

Abel Makashvili: “

Kober: [[WP:AES|←]]Created page with ””Abel Makashvili”’ ({{lang-ka|აბელ მაყაშვილი}}) also known as ”’Avel Gavrilovich Makaev”’ ({{lang-ru|Авель Гаврилович …’

”’Abel Makashvili”’ ({{lang-ka|აბელ მაყაშვილი}}) also known as ”’Avel Gavrilovich Makaev”’ ({{lang-ru|Авель Гаврилович Макаев}}) (June 6 1860 – June 1920) was a [[Georgia (country)|Georgian]] prince and soldier who served successively in the [[Russian Empire|Russian]], [[Democratic Republic of Georgia|Georgian]] and [[Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan|Azerbaijani]] militaries and was killed by the [[Bolshevik]]s upon their conquest of Azerbaijan in 1920.

Born of an old Georgian noble family, Makashvili graduated from [[Elizavetgrad]] military progymnasium and [[Kazan]] infantry [[Junker (Russia)|junker]] school. He joined the Imperial Russian army in 1877 and commanded Bash-Kadyklar infantry regiment since 1910. He was promoted to 1914 and put in charge of the 16th [[Mingrelia]]n grenadier regiment from 1914 to 1917. After Georgia’s declaration of independence from Russia, Makashvili joined the national Georgian army. He served as a governor-general and military commandant of [[Tiflis]] in the years 1918-1920. Early in 1920, he was invited by the government of independent Azerbaijan to head a military school at [[Ganja, Azerbaijan|Ganja]]. After [[Sovietization]] of Azerbaijan in April 1920, Makashvili was arrested by the Soviet authorities and drowned in the [[Caspian Sea]].<ref name=’Javakhishvili’>{{ru icon}} Javakhishvili, Niko (2003), Грузины под Российским Флагом: Грузинские военные и государственные деятели на службе России в 1703-1917 (”Georgians under the Russian Banner”), p. 131. [[Tbilisi State University]] Press.</ref>

Makashvili’s sons also served in the military. One of them, Vakhtang, commanded the [[Georgian Air Force]] and died during the [[Red Army invasion of Georgia|Red Army invasion]] in 1921.<ref name=’Javakhishvili’/><ref>Grebelsky, P. Kh., Dumin, S. V., Lapin, V. V. (1993), Дворянские роды Российской империи (”Noble families of Russian Empire”), vol. 1., p. 169. IPK Vesti.</ref>

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