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Made of hate

Made of hate: “

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{{Infobox musical artist 2
|Name = Made of Hate
|Img = Made_of_Hate-Fck.jpg
|Img_capt = The band Made of Hate
|Background =
|Origin = [[Warsaw]], [[Poland]]
|Genre = [[Melodic Death Metal]]
|Years_active = [[2007]]–present
|Label = [[AFM Records]]
|Current_members = [[Michał Kostrzyński]] ([[guitars]], [[vocals]])<br /> [[Tomasz Grochowski]] ([[drums]])<br /> [[Radosław Półrolniczak]] ([[guitars]])<br /> [[Jarosław Kajszczak]] ([[bass]])<br />
|www =

”’Made of Hate”’ is a [[polish]] [[melodic death metal]] group created in 2007 by members of undone band [[Archeon]] . At 22 February [[2008]] was premiere of theier debut album [[Bullet in Your Head]].

Made of Hate was also support for Iron Maiden concert on Gwardia’s stadium in Warsaw.

* [[2008 in music|2008]] ”[[Bullet in Your Head]]


== External links ==
* [ Made of Hate – Oficjalna strona]
* [ Made of Hate – Profil zespołu na portalu [[MySpace]]]

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