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7217th Air Division

7217th Air Division: “

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{{Infobox Military Unit
|unit_name= 7217th Air Division
|dates= 1959-1970
|country= [[United States]]
|branch= [[United States Air Force]]
|role= Command and Control
|command_structure= [[United States Air Forces in Europe]]
The ”’7217th Air Division”’ (7217th AD) is an inactive [[United States Air Force]] organization. Its last assignment was with the [[United States Air Forces in Europe]], being stationed at [[Ankara Air Station]], [[Turkey]]. It was inactivated on 9 Sep 1970.

== History ==
=== Lineage===
* Established as ”’7217 Air Division (Command)”’, and organized, on 7 Aug 1959
: Inactivated on 9 Sep 1970

=== Assignments ===
* [[United States Air Forces in Europe]]
: [[Seventeenth Air Force]], 7 Aug 1959
* [[United States Air Forces in Europe]], 15 Nov 1959-9 Sep 1970.

=== Stations ===
* Ankara AS, Turkey, 7 Aug 1959-9 Sep 1970.

=== Operational History===
The division provided logistical support for all American armed forces, and military activities in [[Turkey]], [[Greece]], and [[Crete]]. Its area of responsibility extended from the [[Black Sea]] to [[Ethiopia]] and from [[Greece]] to [[Pakistan]].

The 7217th provided facilities and training for rotational tactical fighter squadrons, maintenance for aircraft assigned to Military Aid and Assistance Groups (MAAGs) in the [[Middle East]], and logistical support for occasional unscheduled aerial operations.

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== External links ==
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