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{{Infobox Website
|name = Wetube
|logo =
|screenshot =
|caption =
|url =
|alexa =
|commercial =
|type = [[Broadcast|Video Broadcasting]]
|language = [[English]]
|registration =
|owner = [[Google]], [[YouTube]]
|author =
|launch date = 2008
|current status = offline
|revenue =
|slogan =

”’WeTube”’ is an upcoming [[service]] by [[youtube]]. It will be available to the [[public]] later this year. It was announced that it will be a [[website]] where youtube users can [[broadcast]] their [[videos]] to [[viewer|viewers]] live and also to show their [[talent]] by [[hosting]] their own web show. No word yet on when this feature will be available.

==External Links==

[ YouTube] official homepage

[ Google] official homepage

[] Techcrunch’s official announcement at Techcrunch.

[] Digg’s official announcement at Digg.

(Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

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