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Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby

Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby: “

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”’The Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby (VGLRL)”’ is the peak lobby group in [[Victoria, Australia]] for the attainment of equality, human rights and social justice for gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer and same sex attracted people.

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VGLRL was created following presentation of a report to a public meeting in October 1997 which proposed a model for a Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby. This model was accepted, and 21 days later the Lobby held its first annual general meeting, elected a management committee, adopted the rules of association, and began the process of incorporation <ref></ref>.
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VGLRL lobbies all levels of government, and non-government organisations, to ensure gay and lesbian people are treated with the same dignity, fairness and opportunity afforded to all other Victorians. Current campaigns include relationship recognition, access to IVF and adoption, and an end to homophobic violence.

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Current Co-Convenors of the Lobby are Stephen Jones and Hayley Conway.

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