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[ TriFactor, LLC,] a privately held material handling systems integrator based in Lakeland, Florida.

== The TriFactor name ==
For more thirty years, the company was known as Advanced Handling Systems. While the change to TriFactor was a rather dramatic departure from Advanced Handling Systems, it much more accurately represents the culture, mission and vision inherent in the company as far back as the mid-1980s.

TriFactor stands for leadership in the design, engineering and implementation of integrated material handling solutions. Specifically, reflects our customer commitment in three overriding objectives:

•Decrease distribution costs

•Increase distribution capacity

•Increase distribution quality.

These three factors encompass the TriFactor promise.
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Image:trifactor_building.jpg|TriFactor’s home office in Lakeland, FL

== Locations and contact information ==

Corporate offices

2401 Drane Field Road

Lakeland, FL 33811

p 800-282-8468

f 863-644-8329


In addition to its corporate offices, the Lakeland facility also houses the company’s engineering design group and learning center. Regional offices are located in Jacksonville and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

== Customer relationships ==
TriFactor recognizes that the best solutions result from a partnership with its customers, one that’s built on mutual understanding and trust.

== Company history ==
In 1983, OKI Systems, Inc. of Cincinnati, OH, purchased the assets of another material handling company in Lakeland, FL and in 1985 sent one of its salespeople, John T. Phelan, to manage the operation.

In 1993, Mr. Phelan purchased the assets of the Florida business and formed Advanced Handling Systems, Inc.
At that time, the company had two operating divisions, one focused on engineered material handling systems and the other on crane and hoist sales. Shortly thereafter, the crane and hoist business was sold.

The company’s more recent history reflects its continued growth and success:

In 1997, a fully-staff branch office in Ft. Lauderdale opened to serve the North Florida, Georgia and Carolina markets.

In 2001, construction was completed on the Corporate Offices and Design Center, a 16,000 sq. ft. facility was completed, in Lakeland, FL. . The facility also includes a fully equipped multi-media Learning Center.

In 2004, the company opened a Field Operations department to support the installation and maintenance of designed systems.

In 2006, a fully-staffed branch office in Ft. Lauderdale opened to serve the South Florida market.
The same year, John T. Phelan, Jr., P.E., became the company’s Chief Operating Officer.

On January 1, 2008, Advanced Handling Systems, Inc. became TriFactor, LLC.

== Core material handling capabilities ==


•Facility and Operations Design: new building, building expansion, re-engineering

•Slotting Analysis

•Existing System Audits

•Needs Analysis

•Project Management

Systems Support:

•Mechanical and Electrical Installation

•UL 508A Industrial Control Panel Building Shop

•Start-up and Debug

•Planned Maintenance Agreements

•Emergency Service

•Operator and Maintenance Training

•Spare Parts

Systems Integration:

•Case/Carton and Pallet/Unit Conveyors

•Voice, Lights, Paper, RF Order Picking Technologies

•Shoe, Narrow Belt, Pop-Up Wheel and Pusher Sortation Systems

•Pick Module, Pallet Racking, Carousels and Shelving Storage Solutions


Controls and Software:

•PC, PLC and HMI Machine Control

•WMS and WCS Process Routing

== Core process: The TriFactor Edge ==
Based on this partnership, we advocate The TriFactor Edge as the basis for a working relationship.
Experience attests to the fact that the design-build process does the most for the customer
in the shortest time, while delivering the right ROI.

The components of The TriFactor Edge core process include:

”’•Needs Analysis:”’ The only correct system is the one that fulfills the customer’s cost and performance objectives.

”’•Design:”’ The project design includes cost estimates for all equipment, engineering, labor, project management and training the customer’s staff.

”’•Implementation:”’ Final drawings are prepared and the equipment is fabricated, installed, tested and adjustments made until the entire team is satisfied with its performance

”’The Trifactor Price Guarantee”’

The TriFactor Edge delivers a significant extra benefit: a price guarantee.
If the project comes under budget, the customer receives a check for the difference
between the actual cost and the guaranteed price.
If, on the other hand, the project comes in over budget,
TriFactor absorbs the difference from its profits on the project.

== TriFactor Care ==
Planned maintenance programs have long demonstrated their ability to minimize lost-time breakdowns,
lengthen the life of equipment, avoid shipping delays and deliver reduced operating costs.

Yet, warehouse and DC management is frequently reluctant to authorize a planned maintenance contract because of the cost, even though corrective repairs typically cost two to four times more than planned maintenance.

TriFactor recognizes this formidable barrier to the acceptance of a planned maintenance program and assists customers in an objective and thorough cost analysis so management has the information necessary to make an informed decision.

TriFactor Care, the company planned maintenance program offers customers a variety of options designed to meet both their operational and budgetary requirements. In many cases, TriFactor Care actually replaces an in house service technician.

TriFactor Online Store”’
Through its online store, TriFactor offers a full line of material handling products from a wide range of manufacturers including both conveyors and convey parts.

== Educational Seminars ==

The company conducts free seminars periodically on timely subjects. The presenters are members of TriFactor engineering team. The sessions are generally held in the company’s Learning Center in Lakeland, FL, along with other locations in the state. Information about the seminars is made available by eBulletins, direct mail and the company’s ROI Focus newsletter. They are also announced in the press. The current seminar topics include:

”’•Effectively Slotting a Warehouse or Distribution Center for Increased throughput, Quicker Picking, Better Inventory Control and Improved Space Utilization.”’ Presenters: Paul Hansen, Senior Project Engineer and Kelvin Gibson, Project Engineer.

”’•Using Picking Technology to Reduce Distribution Costs.”’ Presenters: Craig R. Bertorello, Vice President of Operations and Richard Gillespie, Engineering Manager

== Resources ==

”’Bylined articles:”’ written by members of the TF staff, unless noted with an *

•Farm to Plate: Effective Warehouse Slotting by Kelvin Gibson & Paul Hansen: National Provisioner, May 2008; Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery Online, April 2008

•Twelve Most Costly Conveyor Maintenance Mistakes by Thomas E. Betts: Material Handling Management, May 2008; Beverage Industry, May 2008: Food Manufacturing, May 2008; Packaging Insights Online, July 2008; National Provisioner, September 2008; Industrial Maintenance & Plant Operations, October 2008; Asia Pacific Food Industry, September 2008

•Case Study: Green is the Theme for Pharmaceutical Distributor by John T. Phelan, Jr.: Supply & Demand Chain Executive Online, August 2008

•From Manual Handling to Automation Quickly by Clyde Witt, Editor*: Material Handling Management, January 2008

•JJ Phelan Profile by Editor*: Industrial Distribution, July 2008

”’•ROI Focus”’, a quarterly newsletter. This in-house publication features timely article by members of the TriFactor engineering teams, along with actual case studies of completed projects. The newsletter’s objective is to provide readers with reliable, helpful information. There is no charge for the publication, which is archived [ here].

”’Association and Organization Memberships:”’

[ Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association (MHEDA)]

[ Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP)]

[ Lakeland Economic Development Council (LEDC)]

[ Lakeland Chamber of Commerce]

[ Cornerstone Regional Development Partnership]

[ The Beacon Council]

(Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

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