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Tomorrow, Today! (radio series)

Tomorrow, Today! (radio series): “

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”’Tomorrow, Today!”’ is a radio [[sitcom]] broadcast on [[BBC Radio 4]]. It is itself a spoof of radio [[science fiction]] dramas of the late 1950s and early 1960s. The writer is [[Christopher William Hill]].

The action takes place in a BBC studio in 1961, where a motley crew of ‘bright young things’ and aging actors produce a futuristic drama set in the year 2006, which of course is a world of space flight, ray guns, and contact with aliens. The show is called ‘Tomorrow, Today!’ and is basically a [[soap opera]]. The lead roles are played by Nigel Lavery ([[Peter Bowles]]) and Sylvia Hann ([[Cheryl Campbell]]) who hate their jobs only slightly more than they hate each other. Their off-mike conversations are laced with carping comments and innuendo about each other’s long-lost youth and popularity. The ‘comic relief’ for the radio production is provided by a stereotypical Welshman, ‘Taffy’ Jones, played by the very non-Welsh Keith Wood ([[Sam Pamphilon]]).

The show is about to be terminated, much to the relief of the leads who are contractually committed to it. However the BBC decides that, thanks to the [[Soviet Union]]’s apparent lead in space travel, national morale requires it to continue with a new pro-British, anti-Soviet slant. The writer introduces new aliens with a Communist philosophy and has them do battle with his heroes. BBC executive Godfrey Winnard ([[John Fortune]]) watches over the new production and keeps adding new elements to the mix, such as a member of the [[Royal Shakespeare Company]] ([[Leslie Phillips]]) brought in to play an [[android]].


(Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

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