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Sports ticket derivatives

Sports ticket derivatives: “

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A ”’sports ticket derivative”’ is a type of [[futures contract]] specifically for sports tickets. Typical terms of a ticket future contract stipulate that a ticket to a specific game (typically a championship game, such as [[Super Bowl]] or [[World Series]]) is awarded to the holder of the contract, contingent on a specific team making it to that event. Ticket futures were first offered by [[yoonew]] in 2004, under the title of ”’Team Fantasy Seats”'<ref>{{cite web | url = | title=Forbes – ‘Final Four Tickets at 80% Off’}}</ref>.

== History ==

Sports ticket futures were first offered in 2004 by [[yoonew]]. They came in the form of ”’Team Fantasy Seats”’ which allowed investors and fans to buy a contract for a [[Super Bowl]] or [[NCAA Final Four]] ticket contingent on a specific team reaching the event.

== How it works ==

For example, you could purchase a Team Fantasy Seat through [[yoonew]] for the [[New York Giants]] at a market-based price<ref>{{cite web | url = | title= Super Bowl Tickets At A Fraction Of The Price: Super Deal Or Super Swindle?}}</ref>. If the Giants make it to the [[Super Bowl]], the holder of the contract receives a [[Super Bowl]] ticket at no additional cost.

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