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Recouvrance, Brest

Recouvrance, Brest: “


[[Image:Saint-Sauveur.jpg|thumb|250px|The church of Saint-Sauveur in Recouvrance – the oldest parish church in Brest<ref>Jean-Louis Auffret, ”Brest d’hier à demain”, Éditions Cloître, mars 2002, Saint-Thonan France, (ISBN 2910981657), page 25</ref>]]
The ”’Recouvrance”’ is a quarter of the town of [[Brest, France]] on the right bank of the [[Penfeld|river Penfeld]]. It is popularly and historically [[Breton]] quarter, in contrast to the largely Francophone quarter of ”Brest-même” or ”Brest-proper” on the left bank.


[[fr:Recouvrance (Brest)]]


(Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

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