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‘Mr. Admin’ is a weekly online comic strip published by @IT (‘at mark I. T.’), a major Japanese technology news portal site. It is notable for being the first Japanese comic aimed at IT professionals. Stories usually revolve around the IT staff at an unnamed company in a shabby building somewhere in the sprawl of Tokyo. Though most of the recurring characters have proper names, the hapless main character, a system administrator, is known only as ‘Mr. Admin.’ The comic has run since November 2005, with English translations catching up since 2008.

== Main Characters ==

Mr. Admin<br />
The main IT guy for an unnamed medium-size Tokyo-based company. Typical Tokyo IT worker. An earnest guy working insanely long hours. Not especially flexible in his approach.

Ms. Shiratori<br />
Kind-hearted and clever accountant. Friends with Mr. Admin.

Dept. Manager Kuroiwa<br />
Ill-natured middle manager over Mr. Admin, Shiratori, Shimoyama, Suzuki, and Akada.

The Company President<br />
Kuroiwa’s boss. Incompetent and gullible with an explosive temper.

Mr. Shimoyama<br />
Mr. Admin’s IT department co-worker. Not quite as knowledgeable, but hard-working.

Mr. Suzuki<br />
Gadget geek. Good-natured. Joker.

Ms. Akada<br />
In a permanent bad mood.

== References ==


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