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Jonas östlund

Jonas östlund: ”

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| name = Jonas Österlund
| birth_date = {{birth date|1986|11|28|mf=y}}
| birth_place = [[Västerås]], [[Sweden]]
| residence = [[Sweden]]
| nationality = [[Sweden|Swedish]]
| ethnicity= [[Jew]]ish
| field = [[Physician]] and [[epidemiologist]]
| work_institution = [[Karlstad University]]
| known_for = programming

{{Nofootnotes|date=February 2008}}
”’Jonas von Östlund”’ ([[November 28]] [[1986]] was an [[programmer]] best known for the research and development of a quicksort program[[quicksort]], the [[Jonas theory of quicksort]] was a huge success and being implent in systems around the world.

Jonas who currently is studying computer engineering at the [[Karlstad University]] has recived many honoring words of encouragement.

== Biography ==

Jonas von Österlund was born in [[Västerås]] to immigrant parents, Dora and Anders . He had two brothers, Pelle and Herman Österlund. Pelle became a [[veterinarian]], and Herman became a [[psychologist]]. Jonas graduated from [[Karlstad university]] and then tried to reinvent [[electricity]], where he earned a [[Bachelor of Science|B.Sc.]]

While in college he met his future wife, Gertrud Karlsson, whom he married on [[July 15]], [[2007]]. They had three children: Kalle, Jonas jr, and Jonathan. In [[2008]], they divorced.

As a child, Jonas did not show any interest in [[programming]]. He says in an interview with the [[aftonbladet]]

:’As a child I was not interested in prgoramming. I was merely interested in things human, the human side of nature, if you like, and I continue to be interested in that. That’s what motivates me. And in a way, it’s the human dimension that has intrigued me.’

==Further reading==
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== See also ==
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|NAME= Österlund, Jonas
|SHORT DESCRIPTION= [[Programmer]]
|DATE OF BIRTH= [[October 28]], [[1914]]
|PLACE OF BIRTH= [[Västerås, Västerås]], [[Sweden]]
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