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The Undergraduate Research Symposium for the Department of History at BGSU was held on Friday, May 2nd in the Bowen-Thompson Student Union as part of the Department of History’s Excellence in History celebration.

Six undergraduate were chosen to present their original scholarship as part of the Symposium, chosen by faculty based on research papers turned in to seminars.

Elizabeth Casto presented “New Women: The Impact of Evolving Social Reforms on Women in Weimar and Nazi Germany” from Dr. Beth Griech-Polelle’s History 3670: Hitler’s Germany.

Kasie Durkit presented “Let’s Put Smokey’s Fire Out: The Repercussions of a Flawed Fire Prevention Campaign” from Dr. Amilcar Challu’s History 4790: Research Methodology and Historiography.

Joseph Lueck presented “‘Paying the Penalty for Lawlessness’: Major Stephen Cabot’s Account of the Boston Draft Riot” from Dr. Ruth Herndon’s History 4800: Research Seminar.

Alema Heywood presented “Overlooked but Heroic: A Biography of Daisy Bates” from Dr. Nicole Jackson’s History 4320: Aspects of African American History.

Devin Proudfoot presented “From Border Ruffian to Abolitionist Martyr: William Lloyd Garrison’s Changing Ideologies on John Brown and Antislavery” from Dr. Ruth Herndon’s History 4800: Research Seminar.

Megan Sympson presented “New World Propaganda: Pigafetta’s Journal, World Maps, and New European Ideologies, 1525-1556” from Dr. Ruth Herndon’s History 4800: Research Seminar.