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The blog I chose to do a SWOT analysis of is Cedar Point’s Blog “OnPoint.”  It has been in existence since June 24, 2005 and has around 40-50 posts per calendar year.  It gives behind-the-scenes interviews and pictures to help give the average Cedar Point guest a unique viewing experience outside of their time at Cedar Point.  Here is my SWOT analysis of this blog:


  1. Behind-the-scenes information
  2. Authentic
  3. Easy to navigate
  4. Simple
  5. Up to Date
  6. Responds back to questions and comments promptly
  7. Personal
  8. Official
  1. No “About” section
  2. No “Search” feature
  3. Lack of visibility within main homepage
  4. Doesn’t automatically go from blog-to-blog
  1. Good Public Relations
  2. Help with other social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  3. Easy communication between management and guests
  4. Promotional advertisement
  1. Other websites
  2. Negative comments
  3. Not enough views
  4. Outdated form of social networking
The blog really is well-done and professional.  I think it has an appeal to readers who have a genuine interest within the tourism industry and cedar Point specifically.  It is very informative and helps answer a lot of questions brought forth by guests.  It is a good blog with a lot of great attributes.
My link button still isn’t working.  Total Bummer 🙁

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