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My name is Greg Bunn (click on my name for my facebook) and I am currently a senior studying Tourism Industry Administration.  I have been involved in the tourism industry my entire life as either a tourist, an employee of a tourism company, or a student to tourism.  I have held  various jobs at Cedar Point over the last 8 years and have also worked as a banquet and lunch server for the Catawba Island Club.  One of the goals I would like to accomplish in my lifetime is to embark on a country-wide bicycle ride of either the United States or European countries.

This blog’s purpose is to post various assignments from my TLEP 4830 class.  It will cover reflections, facility information, and facility guides among the campus of BGSU.  Feel free to comment on anything and everything.

Me and my girlfriend just outside NYC last year for the New Year's Eve celebration.

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