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Cedar Point Dinner


I thought I would do a post on a cool experience I will be doing for the next few weeks that involves a facility.  I work s a server at Cedar Point and they are going through Halloweekends until Sunday October 30.  Every Sunday I work as a banquet server for the G.A. Boeckling’s Eerie Estate Banquet.  The banquet is a fine dining dinner that consists of your choice of lobster tail, filet mignon, crab legs, and a special desert.  The really cool part about the dinner is the facility in which its placed in — an actual haunted house in Cedar Point!  The beginning of the dinner  starts with a lighted tour through the house which provides behind-the-scenes information about the haunted house and the history of some of the decorations.  At the middle of the house is the dining area which seats between 3 and 25 people.  Guests are seated in a very creepy looking room and the meal is hosted by their tour guides and banquet servers — all of whom are painted and dressed like monsters.  The meal lasts about an hour and then they go about the second half of the house and back into the park.  The haunted house then opens up to the public shortly after clean-up.  The cost?  A very affordable $68.95 a person. In terms of the facility, I just felt that it was one of the coolest facilities I have seen a while.  The theme was spectacular and the guests really enjoyed it.  It was very cool to see the place transform into a dining room and then back to a haunted house again.  Hopefully as the weekends go by I will have some pictures of the facility to post on here.  For now I will leave you with the photo of myself and what I look liked during the event.  Enjoy!


UPDATE: 10/24/2011

Uploaded all the other pictures and put them in a gallery.  There is also a great news article with more great pictures at


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