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ADA on Campus


Bowling Green’s campus seems to be severely outdated in their ADA requirements.  It is evident by the lack of handicap students that attend the school.  In my four years of being on campus I have only seen maybe 3-4 handicap students that are wheelchair bound.  I understand that my observations could be wrong but the fact that I don’t see more handicap students seems to be troubling.  Many of the buildings on campus are old and outdated which means that they most likely do not require certain ADA specifications.  A prime example of buildings on campus that are not ADA appropriate are the Conklin Greek Units.  Granted, a high population of the students at BG do not step foot in these buildings but the fact that there are no elevators, no ramps, and no level entrances is very disheartening.  Every unit has at least one step to get into the building and then in order to get into the rooms, bathrooms, computer labs, etc you have to walk up one or two flights of stairs.  Recently, a fraternity brother of mine was on crutches.  He had to live downstairs in the lounge because it was too painful for him to walk up the stairs.  That meant he couldn’t do laundry, go to the computer lab, take showers when he wanted, and would have to wait for someone to help him if he forgot something in his room.

I know that the university is trying their best to accommodate ADA requirements and I think they are doing the best they can.  There are just some updates that I feel the university should do to help attract more students and ease students that have had injuries.

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