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My blog is relatively easy to manage.  It is nothing spectacular and complicated – -which is how I want it to be.  I want it to be very user-friendly and simple so everyone can get the info they are looking for and avoid all the confusion and frills of other blogs.  However, to ease the use of this blog I have 5 tips to help you all navigate better and use the blog to its fullest.

Tip #1:

Use the search button.  It’s located at the top left hand corner of the blog screen page and will help you find anything within the blog.  Your search words can be anything and if they are located in a blog post then it will direct you to that blog post immediately.  I took the time to put it there, so take the time to use it 😉

Tip #2:

Go down about a quarter-inch on your screen and you fill find the all-knowing and powerful “tag-cloud.”  Click on any one of those words and it will take you to the blogs that have that tag.  The bigger the word is on the tag cloud, the more blogs there are with that tag.  I would recommend clicking on “facility”, it’ll occupy you for hours.

Tip #3:

That little calendar on the side is not only for the use of having the date right there instead of having to look at your phone or the bottom right-hand corner of the computer, it is there to show you the blogs that I have posted on any given day.  If you are like “man, I don’t want to read straight through, I want excitement in my life” then this feature is for you.  Pick your favorite date and click.  If I didn’t post a blog on your day then just keep going.  I promise there’ll be something.

Tip #4:

That big title at the top that says “Awesome Facilities” is actually your home page button.  Click on that when you get lost and it’ll take you straight to the beginning of the blog, no questions asked.

Tip #5:

Comment.  It’s fun and it allows you to tell me something behind the comfort of your own computer and not to my face.  I know this blog is super exciting so go ahead and tell me how great I am at making this blog.

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