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ADA on Campus


Bowling Green’s campus seems to be severely outdated in their ADA requirements.  It is evident by the lack of handicap students that attend the school.  In my four years of being on campus I have only seen maybe 3-4 handicap students that are wheelchair bound.  I understand that my observations could be wrong but the fact that I don’t see more handicap students seems to be troubling.  Many of the buildings on campus are old and outdated which means that they most likely do not require certain ADA specifications.  A prime example of buildings on campus that are not ADA appropriate are the Conklin Greek Units.  Granted, a high population of the students at BG do not step foot in these buildings but the fact that there are no elevators, no ramps, and no level entrances is very disheartening.  Every unit has at least one step to get into the building and then in order to get into the rooms, bathrooms, computer labs, etc you have to walk up one or two flights of stairs.  Recently, a fraternity brother of mine was on crutches.  He had to live downstairs in the lounge because it was too painful for him to walk up the stairs.  That meant he couldn’t do laundry, go to the computer lab, take showers when he wanted, and would have to wait for someone to help him if he forgot something in his room.

I know that the university is trying their best to accommodate ADA requirements and I think they are doing the best they can.  There are just some updates that I feel the university should do to help attract more students and ease students that have had injuries.

Scholarly Article Critique


*For some reason I can’t get the link button to work from my Dashboard. I apologize for the long link.


The above link is for a scholarly article entitled Permanent Land-based Facilities for Tourism in Antarctica: The Need for Regulation.  The article is primarily about how Antarctica can be used for tourism and how difficult it would be to build land-based facilities (i.e. hotels, resorts, restaurants) that would be used solely for tourism.  It is designed to inform readers about how to best think about going about the process to increase tourism and to get tourists to stay longer throughout their stay.

The article was pretty well-written for a scholarly article.  The authors did not hold doctorate degrees, however, their credibility has been proven through other various research articles done on this field of research.  The article was not the typical research in which samples were used and surveyed to gather a conclusion, rather it was primarily done by gathering estimates and assumptions about the feasibility of building facilities in Antarctica.  The article was not the most exciting article to read but it was nonetheless interesting and thorough.  It includes the various regulations already set in place in Antarctica, the definition of land-based facilities, countries that have already claimed land there, and the future impacts on land-based tourism in Antarctica.  It seems to have covered all the bases in the research so as to distinguish it from an amateuar article to a high-regarded scholarly article.  The article lacks graphic representation or any sort of visual aides to help the reader understand the material.  Instead, the authors chose to break up the material through short sub0sections and bold titles in order to aide the reader in finding the material that he or she is looking for.  It seems that the article draws good conclusions based on the research and that it is useful in determining the impacts of land-based tourism.  The article does a good job of sticking to the topic and offering a non-bias representation of their findings.  overall, the article was well-done and seems to be very useful in the advancement of education in the field of tourism in Antarctica.





Ice Arena Reflection


After visiting the newly remodeling BGSU Ice Arena, it was clear that the arena is on the uprise once again to being a top-notch facility.  I think that for the new renovations to the multi-purpose room, the locker rooms, and the team meeting room, everything has gone very well.  Compared to how the building used to look and what it looks like now, it is a great place for both the Bowling Green community and the BGSU community.

Looking around the building, it is obvious that the flooring and walls have been redone.  The flooring is now more practical with the inclusion of the rubber flooring that goes all the way around the facility.  The facility used to just have a cement floor that was unable to accommodate skating blades.  The rubber flooring allows skaters to put their skates on in any part of the building and walk to their destination in any part of the building.  The old flooring style only allowed for the skaters to take their skates on and off to walk to the various destinations within the building.  According the textbook, this type of flooring seems to be a relatively good choice for the arena.  The rubber flooring scores high in strength, thermal insulation, moisture protection, and abrasions resistance wearability.  Scoring high in those categories seems to very important for an ice arena considering there are sharp blades constantly wearing down on the floors, the area is always cold, and the blades will almost always be wet due to melted ice bits on the skates.

The walls of the facility have not necessarily been remodeled in the sense of material remodeling, however, they have been decorated more with the renovations.  They now include what looks like painted-on advertisements and mural-like paintings throughout the building.  They have also been spruced up with retired jerseys and old team photos throughout the years.  The walls are still a basic cement block style with a neutral off-white color to them, but the addition of paintings and pictures really adds to the aesthetics of the building.

I do believe that the facility is meeting the needs of the community and the students now more than ever.  Before the remodeling was put into the place, it was a hassle to rent out skates at the pro-shop located within the facility.  You had to get your skates from a little window that was inefficient for the workers to work fast and the same window was used for returns as well.  This all created a lot of congestion within the facility just for a basic skate rental on busy nights.  now, the pro-shop has been completely remodeled with new skates and a new desk area that allows for easy access and a more efficient way to get the skates to the guests.  The remodeling of the locker rooms were also a huge benefit to the facility because it helps attract more community events and tournaments that will in turn generate plenty of revenue for the facility.  It seems that the remodeling has really opened up the facility a lot and these two examples only scrape the surface about what all has been done to improve the facility to benefit both the student and residential community within BG.

The newly renovated pro shop at the ice Arena features an easier ice rental process, new skates, more equipment, and a concession stand.




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