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/User talk:JohnCD/Archive 3

/User talk:JohnCD/Archive 3: “ JohnCD: August archive =August 2008= == [[Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Scooby Doo: The Beginning]] == Plenty of sources have turned up in a day. You might want to reconsider your !vote in this afd. [[User:TenPoundHammer|<span style=’color:green’>Ten Pound Hammer</span>]] <small>and his otters</small> • <sup>([[Special:Contributions/TenPoundHammer|Broken clamshells]]• [[:User talk:TenPoundHammer|Otter chirps]] • [[WP:HELPTPH|HELP!]])</sup> 00:58, 2 August 2008 […]

Jack Whittten

Jack Whittten: “ Dystopos: redlink ”’Jack Whitten”’ (born 1939) is an [[Visual arts of the United States|American]] [[Abstract art|abstract]] [[Painting|painter]]. Whitten was born in [[Bessemer, Alabama]], the son of a seamstress, twice widowed. His father, a coal-miner, died while Whitten was a child. Planning a career as an army doctor, Whitten entered pre-medical studies at […]

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