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538 (disambiguation)

538 (disambiguation): “ Kznf: ”’538”’ may refer to: * [[538]], the calendar year * [[]], a U.S. political polling website * The number of electors in the U.S. [[electoral college]] {{disambig}} “ (Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

Olive Pigeon

Olive Pigeon: “ JMK: add Latin names ”’Olive Pigeon”’ may refer to any of four ”[[Columba (genus)|Columba]]” species: *[[African Olive Pigeon]], Columba arquatrix *[[Cameroon Olive Pigeon]], Columba sjostedti *[[Sao Tome Olive Pigeon]], Columba thomensis *[[Comoro Olive Pigeon]], Columba pollenii All four species occur in forest habitat within Africa or on its associated islands. {{disambig}} “ […]

Thomas Dye

Thomas Dye: “ JLaTondre: create hndis page ”’Thomas Dye”’ is the name of: *[[Thomas K. Dye]] (born 1969), American webcomic artist *[[Thomas R. Dye]], American political scientist {{hndis|Dye, Thomas}} “ (Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

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