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Social Networking at Recreation & Wellness

Social networking is a phenomenon with which many people are familiar. Facebook and Twitter accounts are not only for college and high school students anymore. Many businesses and organizations employ social networking as a promotional tool. BGSU’s Recreation and Wellness is no exception.

While social networking’s promotional abilities make it useful to an organization, it can be used ineffectively.

“People are not going on social networking sites to be bombarded with advertisements,” said Melissa Rausch, Web and Technology Manager for BGSU Recreation and Wellness. “Promotion techniques need to be creative and unique.”

While overuse of social networking can turn audiences away, neglect is also harmful.

“A common mistake is creating an account, adding a couple photos, and then only updating every month or so,” stated Rausch. “Inactivity never looks good.”

BGSU’s Outdoor Program uses social networking frequently to inform students about upcoming trips.

“Facebook is updated daily,” said Jerome Gabriel, Director of the Outdoor Program. “When a trip comes around it could be multiple times daily. Twitter normally gets one tweet a day.”

When it comes to social networking, Facebook is clearly preferred.

“I use Facebook more,” added Gabriel. “We get at least 25 percent of trip sign-ups through Facebook.”

“Facebook is more effective (than Twitter) because it offers features like photos and video,” stated Rausch when offering her social networking preference. “I think the visual aspects really help.”

Interim Health Educator Caitlin Spontelli of the Wellness Connection does not have a preference for either Facebook or Twitter. The Wellness Connection has a Twitter account, and the Student Wellness Network maintains a Facebook group page.

“Our office uses both networking sites for different purposes,” said Spontelli.

“On Twitter we post health and wellness facts and links to information such as healthy recipes, online workout videos, health and wellness articles, upcoming campus events, and quick tips to stay healthy on campus,” explained Spontelli. “On Facebook the Student Wellness Network has a description of the organization, upcoming events, a peer education presentation list, how to become a peer educator, contact information, photos from recent events, and wall postings from current members.”

Recreation and Wellness can be found on Facebook and Twitter, as can the Outdoor Program (Facebook and Twitter) and the Wellness Connection (Facebook and Twitter.)

4th Annual Recreation & Wellness Golf Outing Results

Friday, September 25, BGSU students, faculty, staff, and members of the Bowling Green community gathered at Forest Creason Golf Course for the 4th Annual Recreation and Wellness Golf Outing. The annual scramble supports the Recreation and Wellness Foundation.

Jim Hanson and his daughter, Deb Hanson, made their fourth appearance in the Recreation and Wellness Golf Outing.

“It’s a great event, and it’s getting bigger every year,” said Jim Hanson. “Each year interest has built, and there are a lot of young people.”

Scott Sehmann has also played in all four outings.

“It’s a fun afternoon with good food,” noted Sehmann. “I’m looking forward to hopefully winning the putting contest.”

Prior to the outing’s 12:30 p.m. shotgun start, participants gathered for lunch and the opportunity to compete in a putting contest. The putting contest entry fee was $5 with half the purse going to the winner and half going to the Recreation and Wellness Foundation.

“They get three putts from ten feet,” explained Nate Boneta, a Graduate Assistant to the Department of Recreation and Wellness in Marketing and Advertising. “Whoever makes all three, or whoever makes the most, goes on to the final round. The final round is one 30-foot putt. Whoever makes that, or is closest, wins.”

Unfortunately for Sehmann, he did not win the putting contest. Brandon Hutton won by sinking a 30-foot putt in the final round.

“I went off the first putt and watched the line,” said Hutton of following the same break the participant putting before him experienced.

The 18-hole, two-person scramble began following the putting contest at 12:30 p.m. The winners in the men’s division were Steve Kampf and Kevin Atwood. The women’s division winners were Linda Hammer and Cathy Swick, and the mixed division winners were Woody Woodhouse and Deanna Vatan Woodhouse.

Other contests during outing included: men’s longest drive, won by Atwood; women’s longest drive, won by Hammer; women’s longest putt, won by Hyun Sun Lee; and closest to the line, won by Joe Herringshaw.

More information on winners, sponsors, and prize donors can be found at

BGSU Almnus, David Barac, on Leadership and Motivation


The University recently hosted a presentation by a former student with an interesting career. On Friday, September 18 in the Ballroom at the Bowen-Thompson Student Union, BGSU alumnus and Managing Director of the San Diego Chicken Organization David Barac spoke as part of Recreation and Wellness’ Student Development and Leadership Program. The theme of the presentation was Exploring Leadership and Motivation.

Barac opened his presentation with a video clip illustrating one of the more unique aspects of his job. The video was one of him, dressed as Barney the dinosaur, entertaining fans with the San Diego Chicken during an intermission at a Milwaukee Admirals hockey game.

“Occasionally, I get to dress up as Barney and I get beat up by a chicken,” said Barac.

Barac graduated from BGSU in 2003 with bachelor’s degree in Sport Management. He interned with the San Diego Chicken Organization and went on to get his M.B.A. from the University of Toledo.

The influence of BGSU was apparent throughout much of Barac’s presentation. He credited his time at the University for developing his professional writing and communication skills, as well as, his preparedness to be interviewed.

“Out here your grade is your paycheck,” Barac stated. “It’s important to practice your writing.”

However, Barac also conveyed the importance of things outside of work. “You have to balance work, volunteer work, and fun,” he said.

Barac also gave insightful advice relevant to those soon entering the job market. Persistence and dedication were two ideas heavily stressed, which he believed to be essential to long-term career success. He also effectively expressed the importance of career satisfaction.

“If you love what you do, doors will open up for you,” Barac said. “If you show others you can do the job and you love what you do, they’ll do business with you.”

Barac closed with some words of inspiration:

“Broaden you horizons. Try to learn new things,” Barac said. “Look at me. I work for a guy in a chicken suit, and here I am today.”

The presentation on Exploring Leadership and Motivation was the first in the Student Development and Leadership Program series. The program runs through the Spring Semester and includes 12 total presentations and workshops on topics such as Leadership and Technology, Crisis Management, and Interactive Teambuilding. To register for future program events, visit The next program event is Leadership and Technology on Wednesday, September 30 at 9:15 p.m. in the Student Recreation Center’s Youth and Family Room. The facilitator is Recreation and Wellness Assistant Director Lona Leck.

Free, Confidential HIV Testing at the SRC

This Fall Semester BGSU’s Wellness Connection provides free and confidential HIV testing at the Student Recreation Center between the hours of 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.
“We take away all the barriers, like money or time,” said the Wellness Connection’s Interim Health Educator Caitlin Spontelli. “Everyone should know their status, and know their partner’s status as well.”
The test is free and the results are confidential. No information is shared with an insurance company. The test itself only takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes. However, those utilizing the service should plan for the appointment to last a half hour in order to allow time for questions.
“We recommend everyone get tested if they’re sexually active,” Spontelli said.
Those who are particularly at-risk include people having unprotected sex and intravenous drug users.
“People benefit from the peace of mind of knowing their status,” stated Spontelli. “Everyone gets free condoms and the ability to ask a trained professional questions on sexual health to clear up any misconceptions.”
To schedule an appointment for testing, call (419) 372 – 9355, and for more information, visit
In addition to the free and confidential testing, the Wellness Connection observes World AIDS Day on Tuesday, December 1 with BGSU Goes Red: A Panel Discussion on HIV/AIDS at 8 p.m. in Room 115 of the Education Building and the distribution of safe sex kits in the Bowen-Thompson Student Union.

Third Annual Recreation and Wellness Golf Outing

In two weeks, students, faculty, staff, and community members have the opportunity to enjoy 18 holes of golf while giving back to BGSU. On Friday, September 25, the Department of Recreation and Wellness hosts the Third Annual Recreation and Wellness Golf Outing at Forrest Creason Golf Course.

Nate Boneta, Graduate Assistant for Recreation and Wellness in Marketing and Advertising, is working on preparations for the outing.

“The outing’s purpose is to raise money for the Recreation and Wellness Foundation,” Boneta said, “and to bring together students, faculty, and community members with Recreation and Wellness staff.”

The Recreation and Wellness Foundation assists the department in alleviating budgetary restraints.

“The foundation provides money outside of the budget for necessary equipment, student employee events, and professional development,” stated Boneta.

Helping Recreation and Wellness raise money for its Foundation is not the only motive for participating. There are also prizes awarded for first place in the men’s, women’s, and mixed categories.

“It‘s a fun way to get everyone involved,” added Boneta. “We’re going to have contests at different holes, like longest putt or longest drive.”

The golf outing also provides an environment conducive to socializing. Boneta sees the event as an opportunity to get face-time with people from the Bowling Green area.

“Students don’t get to see faculty outside of a classroom,” said Boneta. “It’s a good way for members of the Bowling Green community to get together.”

Boneta indicated he is expecting a large turnout of community members, students, and faculty.

“We want to make sure everyone gets involved,” added Boneta. “It’s not just for Recreation and Wellness employees. It’s for everyone in Bowling Green.”

Entry forms are due Monday, September 21 and can be found by following the “Annual Golf Outing” link at The event is a two person scramble. The price for students and Forrest Creason members is $30 and $40 for the general public, which includes 18 holes, a cart, and lunch. Registration begins at 11:30 a.m., lunch is from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., and the shotgun start is at 12:30 p.m. For more information, please contact Kurt Thomas at (419) 372-2674.