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Student Appreciation Days at Forrest Creason

Student Appreciation Days at Forrest Creason Golf Course begin this week and take place every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until Thanksgiving. BGSU students can play 18 holes of golf and receive a free golf cart and hot dog for just $15. Valid BGSU student id required. 


No clubs – no problem. Forrest Creason has rental clubs available and welcomes golfers of all abilities.

Call for tee times: 419.372.2674

For More Information:
Forrest Creason Golf Course Club House
418-372-2674 | |
Department of Recreation and Wellness
Division of Student Affairs

RecWell Rewind – Golf Course Named in Honor of Forrest Creason

Forrest Creason Head Shot

On February 12, 1982 the Board of Trustees changed the name of the University Golf Course to Forrest Creason Golf Course in honor of Forrest Creason .

Forrest Creason dedicated 37 years of service to the University. He was the University golf coach from 1957-69, and his coaching record was 119-116-7. He was also an associate professor of health and physical education department and an athletic ticket director. He retired from teaching on July 1, 1975.

During the Board of Trustees meeting in which the decision was made to name the golf course for Forrest Creason, Dr. Ferrari said, “this is an excellent way to recognize Mr. Creason’s long service and contributions to the University.”

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RecWell Rewind – University Golf Course Expanded

During the summer of 1972, the University’s nine-hole golf course was expanded to 18 holes in order to increase the University’s golf instructional and recreational facilities.

The original nine-hole golf course was constructed in the early 1960’s with plans to later expand to an 18 hole course. Discussion of adding another nine holes to the course began in the spring of 1971 between Robert Dudley, golf course manager, and AFreshman Keith Hinebaughthletic Director Dick Young. According to Dudley, expanding the course to 18 holes was the only way to increase revenue without drastically increasing the price per round. The idea was discussed with Vice President for Public Services James Hof and University President Hollis A. Moore. A committee was then formed that acquired counseling services from the U.S. Golf Association and U.S. Golf Foundation. H. G. Hassenplug, a golf architect from Pittsburgh, PA heard about the idea and volunteered to help. After a presentation to the Board of Trustees, consent was given during a board meeting on August 31, 1972 to move forward with the project and secure bids.

At the time the typical construction rate for a nine-hole golf course was between $200,000 and $400,000. However, because the University already owned the additional land, and had the electrical power and water required for the expansion, the project only cost $127,999. The golf course addition was operational by the summer of 1973.

A little known fact is that in order to construct the additional 18 holes, the University and the Ohio Highway Department agreed to trade land. When Interstate 75 was constructed, it cut through University owned property. Rather than constructing an underpass to connect to the University’s land on the opposite side of I-75, the University and the Ohio Highway Department agreed to swap land. The University acquired land north of Poe Road and the Highway Department acquired the land on the other side of I-75. This allowed the University to keep the course expansion on the West side of I-75.

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RecWell Rewind – New University Golf Course Opened

The new nine-hole, 3,372 yard University Golf Course officially opened on June 7, 1965.

People Playing Golf at the Reconstructed Course
It was decided to relocate the existing nine-hole University golf course to it’s current location north of Stadium Drive in 1962 when plans were made to build a new residential center in its place. Although only a nine-hole course was constructed, plans were made to later expand the course to 18 holes.

Golf pro James Richardson directed and managed the course facilities. The course included a clubhouse that housed a pro shop where golf clubs were available for rent and refreshments could be purchased. The trees planted on the course were of many different varieties to serve as an outdoor laboratory for the biology department and botany students.

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RecWell Rewind – Original 1946 University Golf Course Constructed

Three men playing golf.

By March 1946 construction of the new University Golf Course was complete and was open for play in late summer after grass had grown on the greens.

Since the University did not have a golf course, the varsity golf team and physical education classes in golf practiced a mile and a half away at the Bowling Green municipal course in City Park. The plan for a University golf course originated with University President Frank J. Prout, Herman Geiser (business manager), Harold Anderson (Athletic Director), Warren Steller (coach), and Dale Sautter (custodian of the physical education buildings). During a University Board of Trustees meeting on January 10, 1944, the persistent demand by members of the Physical Education Department for a golf course was discussed. It was agreed that a golf course would be constructed on the east end of campus where a need for landscaping was also identified.

University President Dr. Frank J. Prout officially announced the plans to construct a golf course on December 13, 1944. He explained that the project would be completed economically since only a small aAerial map of the golf course construction.mount of work would be necessary to turn the existing plot of land into a golf course.

Construction of the new, nine-hole course took about 18 months and was completed by the University maintenance crew with the help of the Navy students stationed at the University who helped remove rocks from the area. It was built on land originally used for farming by the agricultural department up until 1935.

The completed course was not as large as the municipal course at City Park. However, it was 35 to 40 acres and a complete round covered about a mile. The course was also intended to be used as a general recreation area. Sautter explained, “we don’t want it to be thought of only as a golf course…for there are tables and fireplaces there for any of the students to use.” Dr. Clair Powell, associate professor of industrial arts, constructed the fireplaces, and several picnic tables were added. The existing pond located next to the new golf course was also stocked with fish with the advice and assistance of the State Aerial photo of the golf course.Department of Conservation.

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