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Climbing Wall Popular During Welcome Week

As part of Welcome Week at BGSU, Recreation and Wellness’ Outdoors Program hosted free climbs on the climbing wall at the Student Recreation Center (SRC) from August 24 through September 3. The turnout during the free climb period was exceptional.

“Usually the first two weeks are good, because it’s free,” said student manager Adie Heyne, “but we’re trying to increase membership.”

Student interest was high, and many students came back multiple times. Freshmen Vince D’Ettorre and Greg Stanley each made their fifth visit as of Monday, August 31. Additionally, Ashley Medwig and Bri Behringer, also freshmen, made their second visits.

“Every time you go, the better you get,” stated Stanley, “and the more challenges open up.”

The thrill of climbing 35 feet up the wall was also a factor that drew students back for multiple visits.

“My least favorite part is the height,” admitted Medwig, “but it’s also my favorite part since we can’t die.”

“I like the adrenaline rush,” added Behringer.

While none of the students interviewed had any prior climbing experiences, all indicated plans of purchasing a membership.

After the initial two week period of free climbs, memberships and day passes can be purchased for the climbing wall. For students and SRC members, a day pass costs $3, a semester pass is $25 and a year membership is $45. Shoes can also be rented by purchasing a $10 card good for 10 shoe rentals. Memberships are also available for non-members. Adult memberships are $45 for the semester and $75 annually, and child memberships cost $35 for the semester and $60 annually.

“It’s a friendly environment, it’s fun, we bring our own music,” explained Heyne, “and it’s a pretty good work out.”