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FaykoshDr. Joe Faykosh (PhD, 2016) has been awarded the 2017 BGSU Graduate College Distinguished Dissertation Award. His dissertation, “A Party in Peril: Franklin Roosevelt, the Democratic Party, and the Circular Letter of 1924,” will also be forwarded for consideration to the Council of Graduate Schools’ national competition of dissertations.

In addition to receiving this prestigious award, Joe recently learned that he has been hired by Central Arizona College for a full-time position.

If you see Joe before he leaves for Arizona, be sure to thank him for being such a great ambassador for the program for the past decade. Few students have been as invested in our collective success as Joe, and his presence here – as an MA student, a webmaster, a PhD student, a conscientious grill-tender at the annual picnic, a researcher, and most importantly as an instructor and mentor to our students – will be greatly missed.

Congratulations, Dr. Faykosh!