Camillia Zanette Rodgers, who recently earned the M.A and Ph.D. in history and Africana Studies at Bowling Green State University, is the newly appointed Director of the Buffalo Soldiers National Museum in Houston, Texas.  Founded by Captain Paul Matthews around 2001, this is the only museum in the U.S. that is “dedicated primarily to preserving the legacy and honor” of the African American Buffalo Soldiers.  These military units were formed at the end of the Civil War to patrol and maintain peace on our western borders. 
As chief administrative officer, Dr. Rodgers will oversee research as well as the collection and interpretation of artifacts and information that relate experiences of Buffalo soldiers to those of soldiers who have succeeded them in time.  Additionally she will hire, supervise and evaluate a staff and oversee maintenance of the building in which the museum is housed.
The academic skills, creative talents, and commitment to excellence that Rodgers applied to study and service in BG-Toledo communities render her poised to excel in her new position.