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Liz Adamo, Alex Sycher, and Joe Faykosh presented a panel at the Ohio Academy of History Annual Meeting at Ohio Northern University on Friday, March 27th. One of the few graduate panels accepted, they titled their panel “The Power (and Art) of Persuasion in the Early Twentieth Century,” and focused on personal motivations behind public pronouncements.

Liz Adamo presented “Complicity and Resistance in French Women’s Colonial Nonfiction.” Alex Sycher presented “War as Cinema: The German Soldier in Nazi-Era Film.” Joe Faykosh presented “The Turning Point: The Democratic Party and FDR’s Circular Letter of 1924.” Adamo and Sycher are both completing their Masters degrees, while Faykosh is writing his doctoral dissertation. The panel was chaired by Dr. Beth Griech-Polelle.

Sycher, Adamo, and Faykosh at the Ohio Academy of History