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Joe Faykosh, current Doctoral candidate in the Graduate Program in Policy History at BGSU, led a Phi Alpha Theta Professionalism/Teaching Forum titled “So, You’re Teaching for the First Time?” He discussed strategies for creating a class syllabus, course content, evaluations, and other tips he’s learned from his first time teaching history at BGSU to the present. The session was aimed at graduate students, whether interested in moving on to other doctoral programs or entering the teaching field with a Masters. History faculty Dr. Scott Martin, Dr. Walt Grunden, and Dr. Michael Brooks also shared some of their advice from their first forays into teaching.

“So, You’re Teaching for the First Time?” was part of the ongoing Phi Alpha Theta Professionalism Series “So, You Want to be a Historian?” with other sessions on presenting at conferences and applying for doctoral programs.

Faykosh leading the Teaching Forum