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admin-ajaxPhi Alpha Theta is pleased to announce a planned series of Graduate Research Forums. Our first of the year will be held next Wednesday, September 17th at 12:00 in the Conference Room, with Dr. Ben Greene presenting on his research process. Food and drink will be provided; All are welcome and encouraged to attend!

The PAT Graduate Research Forum is designed to present the evolution of a research topic from an idea first conceived all the way through to publication/approval. We intend to present an array of faculty and graduate students currently working on research to illuminate the process as well as provide a forum to discuss their research in the hopes of generating feedback and wider appreciation for the amount of research generated in this department.

The PAT Graduate Research Forum is a collaboration between Joe Faykosh and Alex Sycher. If you would like to present (or have someone in mind whose research you would love to learn more about), please contact Joe or Alex (jdfayko@bgsu.edu or sychera@bgsu.edu). Scheduled for October is Joe Faykosh, presenting on his dissertation process, and Dr. Rebecca Mancuso in November.