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Dr. Nicole Jackson presented on her dissertation research at the Phi Alpha Theta Graduate Research Forum on April 17th. Several faculty and a large number of graduate students attended the forum to hear Dr. Jackson explain the process of turning an idea into a dissertation project, and then into a potential monograph. Dr. Jackson is currently working on the subject of black British feminist writers throughout the latter twentieth century.

The Phi Alpha Theta Research Forum was designed to showcase the research process, and in particular, how to turn an idea into a research project. Future sessions will include both faculty and graduate students at different stages of the writing process and how they approach the process. Suggestions for future forums are welcome, and should be directed to Alex Sycher at sychera@bgsu.edu or Joe Faykosh at jdfayko@bgsu.edu.

For more on Dr. Jackson’s research, please visit her faculty page

Nicole Jackson Research Forum