Want better customer service? Carry your DSLR

5 03 2011


It’s safe to say that carrying your DSLR around, pretending to know what you’re doing, and acting “professional” can have it’s benefits. You can get into random events masquerading as a newspaper photographer, or have people ask you whether or not you shoot for a paper (in which case you can say yes and they’ll say, “oh that’s nice”) but does having a DSLR out at a restaruant result in better service?

“The last thing employees want to see when they’re delivering a substandard product or service is a shutterbug. If they think you might take a snapshot, or a video, of their incompetent actions, they’re far likelier to do the right thing. The presence of a camera alone is often enough,” according to Christopher Elliott, writer from mintlife.com.

It would be interesting to try this out and see if the service is actually improved.

(via Petapixel)