Nikon and Canon stop production

15 03 2011

In lieu of the devastation that has spread across Japan; Nikon and Canon have decided to shut down their plants. The Sendai plant, where Nikon has produced their professional cameras such as the D3 and D3x, has been shut down until further notice with possible injuries, according to the press release.
Canon’s Utsunomiya plant, which provides most of the optics for the company has reported 15 injuries and has stopped production and there was also significant damage to the plant, according to a press release

Also, both companies are doing their part to provide relief. Nikon has donated 100 million Yen which equates to roughly $1.24 million USD, to the Japanese Red Cross Society, according to a press release. While Canon has donated 300 million Yen, equating to $3.7 USD to the Japanese Red Cross Society also, according to a press release.

(via Petapixel)