Nikon vs Sigma

25 05 2011

Today Nikon has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Sigma over the vibration reduction technology found in Sigma’s lenses. Nikon has also demanded that Sigma cease production of their lenses that infringes upon the vibration reduction patents. Possibly affecting a large amount of Sigma OS, optical stabilization lenses according to a press release.

Nikon is suing for 12.6 billion yen, equal to $154 million according to Reuters.

Learning the basics without a camera

15 05 2011

Here’s a neat website you can check out to help familiarize yourself with the basics of digital photography. CameraSim is a website that allows you to experiment with different ISO, aperture and shutter settings to see how they affect the end product. It’s nice for those who are looking to learn the basics before picking up a DSLR.