It’s not the camera, it’s you

3 05 2011

For those who feel that an expensive, full-frame camera with an expensive piece of glass on the end is what you need to make great photos think again. It’s not all about the gear, but it’s about the photographer using the gear. To illustrate this point, Digital Rev TV has created a series where they give professional photographers cheap, inexpensive and rather crummy point and shoots to use in place of their expensive gear. The results are rather remarkable as they prove that it’s not about what you’re using, but how you use it. It does my poor college student heart good to see pros cranking out good shots with cheap equipment.

(via fstoppers)

Changing lives, one photo at a time

24 03 2011

What if your pictures had the power to change someone’s life? Changing lives, one photo at a time. That’s what Help-Portrait aims to do. Help-Portrait was founded by celebrity photographer, Jeremy Cowart, to help photographers use their skills to give

Leahovcenco traveled to Chukota, outlined in red, to take someone's portrait

back to their community. While many photographers may choose to shoot portraits in their community Sasha Leahovcenco chose to take pictures of people who have never had their picture taken. Leahovenco traveled to Chukotka, Russia changing someone’s life and documenting that journey.

To help give you a better understanding of what Help-Portrait is all about, here is an informative video.

Here is the video that Leahovenco created on his way to Chukotka, Russia.


Help-Portrait. End of the Earth from Sasha Leahovcenco on Vimeo.

From drawing to photo

21 02 2011

Photographer, Jay P. Morgan, was recently commissioned to create a photograph from a drawn composition for the FMF (Federation of Mexican Futbol ((that’s soccer for Americans)) ).

In the video Morgan explains each step of the process, with the lighting process being the most intricate and interesting. It’s hard to believe that it took that many lights to create that one image but it wouldn’t be the same image without those lights being used the way they were.

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Shooting for Sports Illustrated at the Super Bowl

16 02 2011

Sports Illustrated Photography at Super Bowl XLV from Max Morse on Vimeo.

Not only is the Super Bowl the biggest day for the NFL it’s also the biggest day for the best sports photographers. So while you were busy watching the game these talented sports photographers were firing away.