Shoot 3D with a single lens

21 03 2011

Ballpoint pen tip courtesy of the Ohio State University



Researchers at the Ohio State University have created a lens that allows the user to create a 3D image with just one camera. Until now, 3D images had to be created with multiple devices that could capture all sides of an image. This lens allows for nine sides of an object to be captured, according to an article from Popular Science.

Lei Li, postdoctoral researcher, wrote a computer program that created the lens. Then Li and associate professor Allen Yi cut the lens from acrylic glass with a diamond blade. The finished product resembles a rhinestone, said the article.

Engineers have used the lens to create 3D images of a ballpoint pen tip, which is about one millimeter across. This technology was created to make it easier for companies to produce small components.

(via Petapixel)