Daily Archives: September 9, 2018

Class 9/5/18

In today’s class I received a greater understanding for what I wish to do with my BFA Project. I had previously had the idea to make a series of characters designed to fit within a world that I designed. The world is one that is futuristic yet declining due to events that have deterred humanity’s progress. The citizens of the world do not typically give the environmental  and social destruction of their world much thought. Each character would be meant to represent a different social or environmental issue suffered within the world, though recent conversations have led me to believe simply depicting these characters may not be enough for an interesting project. I had originally hoped to make a game with this concept with the protagonist being inspired to start to help people by performing different challenges presented within the game. While I may not have enough time to develop a complete game, perhaps I can focus on creating a demo that is representative of the story I wish to tell with the protagonist. The character creation aspect of the game is important to me as I don’t wish for my story to be a series of general social issues, but rather tales of personal stories that teach the player an overall theme: to understand the difference between what we as humans can and can’t change in relation to problems they view to be personal “end of the world scenarios.”