Daily Archives: September 20, 2018

Art Museum Visit

On our class visit to the Toledo Museum of Art I focused on analyzing how artists utilize the gallery space for their artwork. Most 2D images took up exclusively wall space. Pieces that utilized screens, which is what I plan to do for my BFA, typically included chairs for viewing rather than allowing for standing space. This influences my initial decision to allow for standing space to giving participants chairs so that they can interact with the piece more comfortably.

In the gallery we attended there were no interactive works similar to that I am creating. I believe this likely because gallery attendees are less likely to interact with a piece as they are to admire what it is communicating visually. From this I want to make sure no matter what task the user is performing when interacting with my piece, the visuals presented will be appealing and meaningful to those simply watching. This includes character design and extends to menu and UI design. I will also likely need to include in depth tutorials to teach users how to interact the way I wish them to as many gallery attendees are likely unaware of typical ways to use a gaming controller.

From the meeting in the art gallery that took place later in the evening, I learned a bit about the relationship between the gallery employees and the artist. The main thing I took away from the talk was to be respectful of the gallery workers protocol as anything they request of the artist is asked for a reason. Additionally, artists should ensure their attitude towards gallery workers is respectful and professional. They are essentially business partners and transactions should be completed within a high standard of professionalism and courtesy for one another’s time and work.