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The faculty group I belong to (click here to know more about us) is organizing on-campus student conference on Latin American & Latino/a Studies. The conference will be held on Thursday April 2 in the Student Union. You can get more information by clicking on this link. You’re welcome to present your original academic or […]

Modern Mexico: schedule of classes

This is the preliminary schedule of classes for the Modern Mexico (Hist 411) class.  It’s not written in stone, don’t hesitate to write or comment. 411-syllabus-s09

Spring Classes

This coming Spring (2009) I’ll be teaching “Famines and the Modern World” (Hist 480) and “Modern Mexico” (Hist 411/511). I’m thrilled to teach two classes that are so closely connected with my research interests on living standards, food supply, and state building in Mexico at the time of independence. Famines and the Modern World is a seminar […]

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