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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Interesting links on Haiti

In my Modern Latin America class I am paying a lot of attention to the unfolding of the Haiti crisis. I do so primarily because of the magnitude of the tragedy, which we cannot ignore. It also illustrates well some of the key problems in the history of Latin American societies, such as state building, […]

History 3010: Modern Latin America (Syllabus)

Here’s the Syllabus of my Modern Latin America course (History 3010). Enjoy!

Guerrero, the genesis of crime

Here’s a translation of selected excerpts of Julio Guerrero, La Génesis del Crimen (1901), which I am using in History 3010: Modern Latin America. Credit is due to Liz Becker, an M.A. student in History and Spanish in BGSU, for the translation. The original version, in Spanish, can be retrieved from

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