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Spring Classes

This coming Spring (2009) I’ll be teaching “Famines and the Modern World” (Hist 480) and “Modern Mexico” (Hist 411/511). I’m thrilled to teach two classes that are so closely connected with my research interests on living standards, food supply, and state building in Mexico at the time of independence.

Famines and the Modern World is a seminar oriented toward the publication of a research-based paper. The idea is built on (i.e. glorified rip off) Mike Davis’ Late Victorian Holocausts: El Niño Famines and the Origins of the Third World. We start out with Davis to set the framework, and then we move on to journal articles and book chapters that expand and defy Davis’ thesis that famine was functional to the establishment of colonial hegemony in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, and set the basis for the current gap between poor and rich countries. We then complicate this picture by analyzing other cases of famine in the 20th century Africa, Asia and Europe. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to get training from library personnel to explore the multiple resources available in BGSU to do the research for this paper.

I am writing a new syllabus for my Modern Mexico class. The purpose of this course is to explore the historical roots of the juncture in which Mexico is today. Despite a competitive and open political system, many (if not most) still find that their voice and their vote do not count. Despite immense opportunities to do business  and amass wealth, most Mexicans lack opportunities of education and employment. Despite the deeply rooted personal, economic and government links with the United States, the big Northern neighbor is still perceived a threat as much as an opportunity. The interplay of these three factors (namely struggles for popular participation, economic development and US influence) has shaped the course of Mexican history and still constraints the decision making in the present day. For this reason, I’m tempted to do this class in reverse chronological order, starting out with Mexico today and then move backwards. While the syllabus is still in preparation, I’m leaning toward using Tutino’s From Insurrection to Revolution, Azuela’s The Underdogs, Gonzáles’s The Mexican Revolution, Moretty’s Our Man in Mexico, and Haber’s Mexico Since 1980, as well as fragments from literary works. (Outdated: see more recent posts.)

55 thoughts on “Spring Classes

  1. Kevin
    3:40 am - 10-21-2008

    No more modern world history? That was a really good class you taught!

  2. achallu
    9:14 am - 10-21-2008

    Thanks Kevin!
    I regularly teach Modern World in Falls. But the Famine class is like Modern World on steroids, stronger on research and focused on the growing global disparity.

  3. Kevin
    6:47 pm - 10-21-2008

    Well it sounds interesting but depressing all at once.

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