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Froggie went a’courtin as ecological knowledge

In my #envhist class we have music breaks to chill, have fun, and dig into the themes of the class. Next week it’s my turn to bring a song and I chose Froggy Went A’Courtin. Froggy is a terrific example of how (traditional?) ecological knowledge sneaks up in folklore and more broadly our culture. In […]

Wages and prices in Mexico, 1730-1930

Click here to open the dataset that was published as an appendix to the article “Mexico’s Real Wages in the Age of the Great Divergence,” published in Revista de Historia Económica by Aurora Gómez-Galvarriato and me. Many users report problems downloading the appendix, so we hope this helps make the data more accessible. Please cite […]

Cosmic Kite, What Planet Did You Come From?

By Amílcar E. Challú, Associate Professor of History, and proud dual citizen of Argentina and the United States Diego Armando Maradona passed earlier today. One of the best players of all times. The best, actually 😀. A fascinating character. A flesh and blood figure with greatness and flaws. Never polished like Pelé (or Messi), humble […]

Workshop on “Biological Wellbeing, Development and Inequality in Mexico”

I wanted to share the call for papers of a workshop I am co-organizing with Roberto Vélez (CEEY, Mexico), Rafael Dobado (Complutense, Spain), and Agustín Grajales (BUAP, Mexico). It is the fruit of discussions that started in the Economics & Human Wellbeing conference last fall in Tübingen. The event will take place in Puebla, Nov. 24-25, 2017. If […]

Gran Baile! And a Conference Too…

First things first: We are having a Dance/Gran Baile on Saturday night (2/19) at the Cla-Zel with a band from Cleveland (Sammy de León y su orquesta), and the event is open to the community. Feel free to invite friends and help us this thing go viral by posting on facebook, blogs, tweeting, chirping, shouting, […]

Powerpoint in the history classroom

Last night I gave a short talk on how I integrate GIS in my history research. It was in Ruth Herndon’s Historians in Academia graduate class.  Hugo Evans led a terrific discussion on the use of technology in teaching, research, and the profession in general. The last point of the meeting was on the use […]

“The Political Economy of Hunger in Bourbon Mexico”

I’m happy to announce that I was awarded a National Endowments of the Humanities’ Fellowship. The purpose is to conclude my monograph during the year 2010-11. I would like to thank my students, undergraduate and graduate. I drafted the proposal while teaching Famine and the Origins of the Modern World, and Modern Mexico. Both classes […]

“The house is in order”

I can’t think of a better homage to Raul Alfonsin than just remembering that Easter day in Argentina. Tanks were passing by a few blocks from my house, but all the attention was in what was going on in la plaza de mayo.  For a good recount of the holy week of 1987, see

The global slump

It’s 1930 time: Krugman has an interesting post citing a recent paper by Eichengreen and O’Rourke comparing the present-day global slump with 1930. And they find it’s worse.

Modern Mexico Class

These are the updated plans on the Modern Mexico class (Hist 411/511). The purpose of this course is to explore the historical roots of the juncture in which Mexico is today. Despite a competitive and open political system, many (if not most) still find that their voice and their vote do not count. Despite the […]

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