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Monthly Archives: October 2008

On teachers in 1923 Argentina

If you read Spanish I’m sure you’ll enjoy this standard contract for Argentine teachers in 1923 (click here). The signer is referred as “señorita” (miss) and agrees to not get married, avoid the company of men, return home at 8pm, avoid ice cream parlors, wear at least two underskirts, etc etc etc. Gracias Edgardo!


I first read Krugman back when I worked in geography in Argentina and got interested in economic history. I think his published lectures (like his general public books) are a master work in accessible and meaningful economic analysis. Here’s my suggested reading list… Geography and Trade. Gave new meaning to locational geography to me. The […]

Spring Classes

This coming Spring (2009) I’ll be teaching “Famines and the Modern World” (Hist 480) and “Modern Mexico” (Hist 411/511). I’m thrilled to teach two classes that are so closely connected with my research interests on living standards, food supply, and state building in Mexico at the time of independence. Famines and the Modern World is a seminar […]

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