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Perry Field House Reflection


Perry Field House is relatively new facility and with that being said there are not many things that the facility needs the improvement on. The facility is organized well and in my opinion people who are running it and operating it are doing well. In our textbook there are some examples that we saw in our tour and I will cover some of those in this reflection.

According to our textbook, all lighting must be flush with the ceiling and also lights should illuminate all portions of the court equally. In both of the biggest rooms in the Field House lights are well spread and they cover all portions equally. However there were some lights in the turf room that were not working properly and that could be one of the bad things that we saw in this facility.

Other things that chapter 10 covers are different types of courts that indoor facility should have and in my opinion Field House is very adjustable when it comes to that. We saw that in both rooms courts can be divided in any given time and also adjusted to many different sports (basketball, volleyball, tennis, soccer, football, etc.)
Other thing that our book talks about is safety and storage of the equipment and that is something that is an area where Field House needs improvement. We saw all different types of the equipment just standing around fields and could cause some problems in future. This equipment needs to be put away into the storage so all the people that are using the facility do not have problems.

I spent a lot of time in this facility do to my spring soccer practices and I really enjoyed playing in it. These small things that are not meeting the standards can be easily fixed which would make Perry Field House even better facility.

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