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Eppler Complex- The New Program Statement



Classes: One of the primary purposes of the Eppler Complex is to supply as many good and functional classrooms for students. The building right now has many small classrooms, it could use bigger and more comfortable ones.

Sport and Recreation area: This building has multiple areas for sport and recreation but they are not used to its full capacity. Slight changes for example new equipment and renovation could bring more attention for students and sport teams on campus.

Conference meeting space:  The Eppler Complex is a building where mostly athletic trainers, tourism and event planning and sport management majors are located and it needs to be able to accommodate some sort of conference/group/team meeting space.

Basic Assumptions:

Building’s navigation: Building needs to be renovated in order to make students life easier when searching for the classrooms, meeting rooms and gyms. The system that the building has right now does not work because a lot of students are complaining that is too confusing.

Outside look: The building looks really old from the outside. The renovation of the exterior could help increase the attractiveness to potential new students. The following link gives a brief history of the building which shows us that the renovation is needed.


Not used enough: Locker rooms and all the gyms are not used to its full potential. Locker rooms are not close to the gyms and the change could attract more people to use them.

Factors affecting planning:

Budget: Bowling Green State University is building a lot this semester so the funds for possible renovation of the Eppler Complex could be an issue.

Inconvenience: Eppler Complex accommodates a lot of students and holds many classes so the renovation could cause some issues with that. Construction would cause inconvenience because the building is basically positioned right in the center of the campus.

Environmental necessities:

Go Green: The building this old when renovated needs to turn into more energy efficient facility. One of the things that could be introduced is more usage of the natural light. The link bellow shows us what are some of key benefits of using natural lighting in new facilities.


Equipment and Furnishings:

New Furniture: The new space that would be built needs new furniture.

The program statement is crucial in every construction project. First the statement and all its elements put everybody that is involved on the same page. Second it is of huge importance to predict all the things that could and may go wrong which helps management to work it along the way.

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