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ADA Scavenger Hunt


1)      The buttons that automatically open the door – We can find these on almost every building on campus.

2)      Braille – in front of doors, restrooms, elevators…

3)      Ramps that help access the building – the best example for that is the Founders Quadrangle.

4)      Student Recreational Center has an elevator that is specifically designed for people with disabilities to make the facility accessible to them.

5)      Pool access at the Student Recreational Center – Andrew’s pool is specifically accessible to people with disabilities.  Andrews’s pool has stairs similar to these showed bellow.

6)      Motion sensors that help blind people. Mostly found at the Student Union.

7)      Special chairs in the showers at the Student Recreational Center.

8)      Larger elevators in Kreicher and Harshman dorm buildings.

9)      Bigger more accessible classrooms.

10)   Technology building entrance – it is really easy for people with disabilities to access the building.

Some negative examples about our campus are:

1)      Eppler Complex floors are not leveled and that can cause problems for people with disabilities.

2)      Small number of dorm rooms that can accommodate a people with disabilities.

3)      Fountains at the Eppler complex are too low.

4)      Anderson arena has a bad accessibility for people with disabilities. It is impossible for them to get higher in the bleachers.

5)      Same example for the Doyt Football field – also no access to the press box.

6)      South hall office – no access for ADA people and too steep stairs.

7)      Vending machine buttons are too high at the Eppler Center.

8)      Fraternity houses have no access for people with disabilities.

9)      University Hall – in front of the men’s restroom the Braille is not real, it is printed.

10)   Elevators too small in Founders Quadrangle.

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