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Ancillary Areas


These pictures bellow are examples of good restroom and locker facilities. The floors are adaptable to many sports and lockers are built out of new material that does not need as much cleaning as the ones used in the example of the bad facility. Also the new and fresh look is certainly something that can […]

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Ice Arena Reflection


The flooring areas at the Ice Arena have been improved but in my opinion still needs to be renewed. As we saw during our tour the surface that is at the beginning does not go all the way around which gives a not sustainable look to the arena. Also different flooring was used in all […]

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Technology Assignment


Technology as a crucial segment of every industry has also become very important for the field of tourism. Every year technology helps industries to increase their productivity, to enhance their services and make life much easier for both people who work within the field and also the customers. In the next segment we will look […]

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2011 Calendar

March 2011

Welcome to Dusko’s Blog. My name is Dusko Topolic and I am a tourism major at Bowling Green State University. I am coming from a small country named Serbia, that is located in south eastern part of Europe as you can see in this picture bellow.



This Blog that I created is mainly for class purpose – TLEP 4830, and it has all different projects that we were asked to do. However this blog has some other information. I also played soccer for four years for BGSU and here is the short video of one of our games.

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