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Technology as a crucial segment of every industry has also become very important for the field of tourism. Every year technology helps industries to increase their productivity, to enhance their services and make life much easier for both people who work within the field and also the customers. In the next segment we will look at some ways that technology benefits and draws back the field of tourism, leisure and event planning.


1)      Data Gathering: The new technology and software help with keeping track of the information of both employees and customers (name, address, telephone number, date of birth, etc.)

2)      Research: Potential travelers and customers can easily research the area, destinations, driving directions, flight availability, etc.


1)      Tourism Agencies getting outdated: With the online booking and buying tickets, the agencies are losing their position and popularity on the field which could result in a lot of people losing jobs.

2)      Dependency on the technology: People that are using new software and machines highly depend on them and in case of breaking or losing power they do not have another solution.

In the next part we will discuss a software package/product that helps people in the field of tourism be more efficient and productive.

Among many packages/products that I found on the internet, I chose ViaTour because I think that this software is really helpful. Here is the list of strengths and weaknesses that in my opinion this software package has:

The strengths of this package are:

1)      All the information that you need is at the same place and you do not really have to switch screens and look for things. The main page is divided into three parts  travelers, tours and vendors (businesses) and it is really easy to navigate.

2)      Rooming and inventory: ViaTour   functionality tracks all the necessary room details, as well as current inventory (occupied vs. available.)

3)      Air travel and transfers: With ViaTour you can create, organize, and track any number of group flights and transfers. You can also divide group flights or sets of flights into journeys (for instance, for main tour, pre-tour or post tour groupings).

4)      Creating Budget: This software allows you to compare your budget to your actual income and expense and also do the forecast for the future projects.

5)      File Linking: You can link any document (Word, Excel, PDF, JPEG) with your records in ViaTour.

6)      Calculating Commission: You can calculate commissions earned to date on a tour by either overall participation, per person counts based on user-defined thresholds, or percent of retail value sold.

The only weakness that I could notice is not up to date look of the software. In my opinion all the new software needs to look new which automatically means more professional (i.e. Microsoft Office 2007.)

Following is the link where you can get more information about the ViaTour.



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