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ADA Scavenger Hunt


1)      The buttons that automatically open the door – We can find these on almost every building on campus. 2)      Braille – in front of doors, restrooms, elevators… 3)      Ramps that help access the building – the best example for that is the Founders Quadrangle. 4)      Student Recreational Center has an elevator that is specifically […]

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Capital Planning


Being a capital planner and building designer is a very respectful but also responsible job, especially if you work for a University. From the presentation I learned many things, following are some of the most important ones.  Recognition: After the project is done, they are the ones that are going to be recognized which is […]

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Eppler Complex- The New Program Statement


Objectives: Classes: One of the primary purposes of the Eppler Complex is to supply as many good and functional classrooms for students. The building right now has many small classrooms, it could use bigger and more comfortable ones. Sport and Recreation area: This building has multiple areas for sport and recreation but they are not used to […]

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2011 Calendar

February 2011

Welcome to Dusko’s Blog. My name is Dusko Topolic and I am a tourism major at Bowling Green State University. I am coming from a small country named Serbia, that is located in south eastern part of Europe as you can see in this picture bellow.



This Blog that I created is mainly for class purpose – TLEP 4830, and it has all different projects that we were asked to do. However this blog has some other information. I also played soccer for four years for BGSU and here is the short video of one of our games.

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