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How often do you get up and move from your desk throughout the work day?  Recent research shows that even if you engage in regular physical activity, sitting all day may still have negative health consequences.

There is good news!  Even taking one-minute activity breaks throughout the day can help reduce the possible consequences. Check out this article via Greatist titled Deskercise for 33  fun ways to get your heart rate up and burn a few calories, without leaving your workstation.

Some of the activities in the article include: The Office Genie, The Lunch Break Hammy, and the Twinkle Toe.  Sound intriguing?  Click HERE to view the article.

What ‘deskercises’ will you try today?  Pick three and let us know what you think!

Pressureburgh – Week 4

Hello, HealthTrip Travelers!

Our vacation time is coming to a close in Pressureburgh and it has been a month filled with lots of great information about high blood pressure. Be sure to continue to log your Frequent Mover Miles. And remember that being physically active is a great way to keep your blood pressure numbers in the healthy zone!

  • Consider adding some variety to your aerobic activity to keep your interest and motivation levels high.
  • Change your exercise location. Instead of walking in your neighborhood, venture to a local park for a power stroll.
  • Bring a buddy along. Exercise once a week with a friend or family member to infuse something different into your routine.
  • Ramp up your intensity. Try light jogging periodically during your walk to increase the exercise intensity. Or add a few hills to your regular bike route.
  • Try a new activity. If you like playing basketball, maybe you will also excel at tennis or racquetball.

Coming Up in Pressureburgh

  • Yoga As You Are: Tomorrow! Tuesday, March 25 in BTSU 316. Come dressed as you are – all you need to bring is a yoga mat or a towel. In addition to a short, stress relieving break you can earn 5 bonus mover miles.
  • Pump Station:  Stop by the Falcon Health Center on Thursday, March 27, or Friday, March 28, between 10:30 AM and 1:30 PM to get your free blood pressure screening.
  • Move It Monday:  Earn 5 Bonus Mover Miles and have fun on your lunch break by joining us Zumba in the Bowen-Thompson Student Union Room 316 on March 31 from 12:15 – 1:00 PM.  Changing into comfortable clothes and fitness shoes is recommended.

Fun with Fitness

Now that the weather is starting to feel more like spring, it’s a great time to grab a buddy, your walking shoes, and hit the trails!  Here are just a few links to some of the nearby parks with great trails in Northwest Ohio.

Wintergarden/St. Johns Nature Preserve (Bowling Green)

Oak Openings Preserve (Swanton)

Farnsworth Metropark (Waterville)

Sidecut Metropark (Maumee)

Participant Highlight: Nancy Boudreau
Congratulations to our Aerobiquerque monthly winner, Nancy Boudreau! Nancy works in the Department of Applied Statistics & Operations research.  She is completing her 34th year at BGSU and here are her tips for living a healthy, active lifestyle:

What small steps/changes have you made to improve your health?

I try to do some form of activity every day.  This is sometimes impossible, but it is my goal.”

What exercise did you enjoy doing while in Aerobiquerque? How did you fit it into your day?

During February, I did several activities.  By far, the activity that I did most was cross country skiing.  Most people have hated this winter, but I have loved it.  I skied 17 days in February, usually at 6:00 in the morning.  I also did some running and rode my stationary bike.  I get up at 5:45 in the morning and workout before coming to work.  I sometimes also do a second workout when I get home in the evening.”

What motivates you to live a healthy lifestyle?

Everyone in my family is very active.  My husband works out every day as do my 4 daughters.  It is not hard to stay active with all the support.  I also love to compete.  I have participated in the Senior Olympics at the state level for the last 5 years and at the National level last summer.  My main sport these days is bike racing, but I do compete in several triathlons, too.  Our favorite family activity is competing in a triathlon in upper Michigan in July.  We enter as teams and compete against each other.  Last year we had 3 different family teams.  In addition, my grandkids competed in the kids’ triathlon.”

Do you have any tips/advice you would like to give others on how to be more active?

My only advice is to find something that you enjoy and stick with it.  I have found that if I have a set time to work out every day, it is much easier to stick to my plan.  Many people find working out by themselves is hard, so try to find a friend to work out with you.  I also keep a log of what I do every day.  I like to compare what I am doing this year compared to previous years.”

Thank you, Nancy!  Congratulations!

Travel Journal Deadline – April 4
Rack up those miles!  Earn one Frequent Mover Mile for each minute of aerobic activity you complete. Plus, add up to one bonus mile per day by completing the Pressureburgh challenge.  You have until March 31 to collect as many Frequent Mover Miles as possible.  Record your miles on your Travel Journal and send your completed log to Taylor at by Friday, April 4.  All travelers who submit their logs during the month of March are entered into a raffle to win a great Pressureburgh souvenir!  Achieve over 600 miles and earn 2 entries into the drawing.

Lastly, check out delicious recipes on the HealthTrip blog!

Healthy Travels!

Your HealthTrip Tour Guides

Breakfast for Dinner

Try kicking off your weekend with a Friday night twist: a delicious breakfast for dinner recipe!

Check out this article for 18 Healthy Breakfast Recipes Hearty Enough for Dinner, brought to you by Prevention Magazine.

Just a few recipes you might try include:

  • Blueberry Pancakes
  • Zesty Spinach Omelet
  • Speedy Egg Burrito
  • Breakfast Pizza
  • Spinach Stuffed Crepes
All of the above recipes (and more!) can be found by clicking HERE.
Have a healthy day!

How To Log Frequent Mover Miles

Hello HealthTrip Travelers!

Are you still confused on how to long your frequent mover miles and bonus miles?  Here’s a post that we hope clears up any confusion!

Here is an example of an activity one HealthTrip traveler was able to complete.  This is this traveler’s personal log to help them keep track of what they achieved; your HealthTrip Tour Guides do not need to see an extensive list like this.

  • February 3 – 30 minute walk (30 frequent mover miles) + 3 bonus challenge activities (1 bonus mile)
  • February 4 – 45 minute group fitness class (45 frequent mover miles) + 3 bonus challenge activities (1 bonus mile)
  • February 5 – 10 minute walk on lunch break, 10 minute walk before dinner, 10 minute walk after dinner (30 frequent mover miles)
  • February 6 – 45 minute group fitness class (45 frequent mover miles)
  • February 7  – 30 minute indoor cycling class (30 frequent mover miles) + participating in Healthy Heart Walk for 18 minutes walking (18 frequent mover miles + 5 BONUS miles for participating in excursion)
  • February 8  – 60 minute brisk walk (60 frequent mover miles)
  • February 930 minute cardio video at home (30 frequent mover miles) + 3 bonus challenge activities (1 bonus mile)
Reminder: the bonus challenge activities for each month can be found in the travel guide.

These activities and workouts get turned into miles and logged directly on your monthly travel guide.  The log is on the very last page of each month’s travel guide and you can save the document to send to your HealthTrip Tour Guides at the end of each month.

Save all of your miles on your travel log.  You will send this to your HealthTrip Tour Guides at the end of each month to be entered to win some wonderful prizes!

Healthy Travels!

Your HealthTrip Tour Guides

Aerobiquerque – Week 4

Hello HealthTrip Participants!

A native of Aerobiquerque, Dr. Fiesta, provides medical care to hundreds of area residents and recognizes the importance of regular aerobic activity to maintain good overall health. That’s why he recently hosted the Mexican Jumping Bean contest with overwhelming success! Over 1,000 Aerobiquerquians came together for an afternoon of jump roping and fun at this first-time event. Veteran jump roper, Al Betcha Exercise, had this to say about the contest: “jump-roping gets my blood flowing, my heart beating faster, and makes me feel energized. It was neat to witness so many friends and neighbors enjoying this great aerobic activity together!”

Thinking about trying a new aerobic activity this week? Grab your rope and jump into this fun form of exercise for something different.

Jump In!

Check out the following links for some quick jump rope workouts:

Not up for jumping rope?  Add variety to your aerobic routine by trying this low-impact cardio routine: 15 minute Walk At Home video

Important Dates!

  • February 28 – Your last day in Aerobiquerque! Make the most of your last week by racking up extra Frequent Mover Miles! J Confused with logging your Frequent Mover Miles?  Contact Taylor at for assistance.
  • March 3– This is a big day for HealthTrip!  We have a lot going on:
    • This is your due date to submit your travel journals to Taylor at  All travelers who submit their travel log for Aerobiquerque are entered in a raffle for a Heart Rate Monitor!  Travelers who earn at least 600 Frequent Mover Miles during the month of February receive two entries.
    • We arrive in Pressureburgh, Pennsylvania! It is going to be an exciting month filled with resources and activities to help you keep your blood pressure LOW for a healthy HIGH!
    • We have a wonderful Move-It Monday workout planned to kick off our arrival in Pressureburgh.  Join Falcon Fitness Trainer Jared in Bowen-Thompson Student Union Room 316 from 12:15-1:00 PM for a light cardio and strength workout that will leave you feeling strong!

Don’t forget to check out the Rec Well Wire blog for weekly updates and additional resources to assist you on your HealthTrip journey.

Have a healthy day!

Your HealthTrip Tour Guides